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Press release: Simple solutions for landlords to avoid penalties under the new Fitness for Habitation Act

Landlords ignoring the new Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 do so at their own peril but normally there are simple solutions to help bring properties up to today’s standards. The new Act came into force on 20 March 2019, following which tenants have more legal protection as their homes ...read more

News release: Preparing for winter with ‘resilient’ properties

In recent years there has been significant damage to many properties as a result of harsh and persistent wintry weather. Flooding has been high up on the agenda with a national flood resilience review having been commissioned by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs earlier in the year. ...read more

NEWS RELEASE: Insulating the UK’s hard-to-treat or ‘problem’ domestic dwellings

Over 23%, or 4.7 million out of the 19.6 million cavity walled domestic properties in Great Britain do not have cavity wall insulation according to the ‘Household Energy Efficiency National Statistics, Detailed Report 2015’, published by the Department of Energy & Climate Change in March 2016. ...read more

Trade Story: Polyurethane foam: a multi-purpose solution for cavity walls

When it comes to cavity wall insulation there is only one product that provides an all round solution and that is injected polyurethane foam insulation. Not only does it provide superior thermal insulation but it also helps bond the inner and outer leaves together to provide additional stability to the ...read more