Condensation Control

condensation01The application of spray applied polyurethane foam meets Building Regulations (for England) and Part 3.15, Condensation of the Scottish Building Regulations in respect of condensation control.

Surface and interstitial condensation on all building surfaces can easily be prevented.

The optimum pitched roof design is 100 mm PU foam or fibre at ceiling joist level, unventilated loft space and 100mm of foam at rafter level. This provides the perfect balance between optimum thermal performance and zero condensation risk.  This retains the storage usage of the loft space, negates the requirement for Insulation to pipes and tanks and installed roof ventilation systems and achieves a U-value of at least 0.13W/m2K.

Compliance with the Approved Document F ‘Alternative Approach’ for non-ventilated roofs. Calculations are made using the method in BS EN ISO 13788:2002 (and BS 5250 Appendix D):  Code of Practice for Control of Condensation in Buildings.

Many BUFCA installer members can provide condensation risk calculations for your project.


  • It is a closed cell insulant – therefore will not absorb water
  • Bonds directly to the substrate
  • Seamless installation – no condensation or cold bridging
  • Class 1 fire rating (Class ‘0’ variants also available)