Hard to Heat Properties

Closed cell polyurethane injected in-situ is a seamless insulation solution which can offer a much greater economical, efficient, robust solution for thermal upgrading, draught proofing, structural stabilising and flood protection of not only “hard-to-heat-homes” but all homes.

Polyurethane foam is often the most cost effective solution for properties with hard-to-treat cavities, or with structural or defective/corroded wall ties, or those properties unsuited to external wall insulation due to planning restrictions, or for properties where internal wall insulation would disrupt tenants, or for properties in high wind or severe wind driven rain exposure conditions, or the 5.2M properties at risk of flooding.

Closed cell polyurethane injected in-situ insulation has been proven in use to be the most economical, efficient and practical solution for many of the properties designated as being hard-to-treat including:

  • Coursed stone and Random stone properties
  • Narrow/irregular cavities
  • High rise blocks
  • Properties with structural defects, corroded or missing cavity wall ties, weak defective mortar joints, or defective damp proof courses
  • Properties unsuitable for traditional cavity insulation measures due to exposure ratings
  • Properties unsuitable for external wall insulation due to planning restrictions and structural problems
  • Properties unsuitable for internal wall insulation due to disruption to tenants and cost of relocation
  • Properties at risk of flooding
  • Properties with no damp proof course