Case study: The Whitings, Oaks Lane, Ilford

The Whitings

Kershaw, a BUFCA installer member, was appointed on behalf of Redbridge Homes, to install small cavity insulation into the Whitings, a Grade 2 listed tower block in Ilford, comprising 61 flats, where the lack of existing insulation had been contributing to excessive energy bills for its tenants.

A particular challenge of the job was the narrowness of the wall cavity, measuring less than 50mm wide, between the inner and outer exterior walls. Kershaw addressed this by installing Technitherm®, a polyurethane system, between the two building skins. The process involved drilling holes in the external walls through which the insulation was then injected. The Technitherm® system has automatically bonded both inner and outer walls together, giving the whole building greater structural integrity.

The work took just eight weeks to complete with minimal disruption to residents who were able to stay in their homes throughout. The installation was fully funded, with no cost to residents who will now save money on their heating bills.